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The biggest challenge every Jewish parent faces is how to raise kids who deeply connect to and love Judaism.

This is why I've created a free foundational course, because until you grasp what your kids REALLY want from you, no parenting course you take is going to give you sustainable results.

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Your approach both impressed and encouraged me

Shelley shalom,

I just read the article about your method in Mishpacha magazine. I am 57 years old, live in Jerusalem with my husband, and spend time with our grandchildren weekly. Your approach both impressed and encouraged me. I often feel that I’m getting into the same negative dynamics with my grandchildren as I did with my own children, especially as they get a bit older (the oldest is 8). I thoroughly identify with the feelings expressed by other mothers in the article of incompetence, frustration and anger when the children fight with each other and refuse to cooperate with me. I see clearly that I am embroiled in power struggles, but don’t know to break the cycle. Over the years, as a mother and now again as a grandmother, I have read many books and gone to workshops, and many ideas have seemed right and promising, but in the thick of it, nothing stays with me. I realize, even more so after reading the article, that the change has to come from within me. How can I learn and implement your approach?

Looking forward to hearing from you. B’vracha,


Naomi Moss

Wonderful article

Hi Shelley,

I just read about your chinuch approach in a wonderful article in the Family First magazine.

I was very impressed and would love to learn more about this method of parenting.

I am reaching out to you since we have a child with an eating disorder. She is actually seeing a therapist twice a week

and pretty stable as far as eating is concerned. BUT, her behavior towards us, her parents is not okay. We constantly feel

manipulated by her. Your theory of her getting her oxygen from negative behavior really resonated with us.

We feel we need guidance in how to implement your method in such a case.

Since the issue we are having with her are very complex, I was wondering if I can contact you?

My husband and me are being in E”Y next week, do you think we can meet?

I would greatly appreciate a response.

Thank you,

Mrs. Berger

Sarah Berger

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