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Welcome To My World

Hi, I’m Shelley Malka and I’m so glad you’ve joined EmPowered Jewish Parenting. Everything you need is here, inside your membership area. Remember, there’s nothing you can do wrong here.

It’s all about learning, experimenting, seeing what works, what doesn’t, coming back and asking questions, refining, tweaking…until you get that “AHA!” moment.

You have everything inside you to make this a wonderful success for you and your kids, please G-d.

A couple of tips. I suggest you go through ALL the classes, plus bonus classes once, to get an overview of the whole pic. That’s 12 altogether. You’ll see the direction we’re taking and with the helps of the Worksheets, Action Sheets, Transcript ‘Cheat’ Sheets and Checklists you’ll get a bird’s eye view. Then you can go back a take a deep dive into each one, by which stage the major points of each class will come into focus for you.

Or you may prefer to watch each class, one by one, take the action steps, apply them, mindfully complete the worksheets and then move on to the next module. There are pros to both approaches – it really depends on your learning style. The main thing is that it works for you.

And then we’re going to connect in the Forum where you’ll get support and real-time feedback. I’m thrilled for you that you’ve taken this decision to join me and I can’t wait to hear about the transformations in your home.

I hope you enjoy this program as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Reminder: Bookmark this page and make note of your login details that were emailed to you for your easy reference. Good to save your pw in case you get logged out.

Be in touch with any questions or concerns.


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