About Us

Shelley Malka, Ph.D - Director

Shelley Malka was born in South Africa, in 1961 and spent the first of her professional years as a high school English teacher. In 1995, she earned her PhD in English, showing how Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice is the master-text for an entire western tradition of representing ‘the Jew’ in terms of myths and fabrications, and presenting these as ‘mirrors of truth'. 

After completing her studies, Shelley made Aliyah with her husband and children, in 1999. She had always believed that her “most essential self” was waiting for her in Eretz Yisrael – the land of Israel.

A mother of a busy family in Telzstone, Shelley discovered her passion for empowering women in re-connecting to their emotions and to their authentic Jewish identities.

She thrives on variety, and  is certified as a therapist in mind/body healing techniques,  in mind/body nutrition and eating psychology coaching, and also in Pilates.

 Her overall passion is helping women become the best they can be. She specializes in parenting, marriage, trauma release, eating disorders and helping women to attach to and express their spiritual essence. She sees negative emotions such as anger, disappointment, rejection, and abandonment, feelings of failure, depression, loneliness and jealousy as emotional wounds that need to be healed from the source. She helps women connect these spiritual tests to Hashgachah Pratit - the way in which Hashem intervenes directly in our lives for our ultimate good.

Shelley also trains other counselors in effective mind-body techniques that help with addiction, self-esteem, anxiety, fears and phobias, marital problems and parent-child relationships, to name a few.

After being a mom for over 25 years, Shelley discovered a unique, depth approach to Chinuch Yeladim – raising children according the Torah - through which she experienced profound changes in her own home, and in the homes of the women with whom she works. With psychological theories in line with deep Torah philosophy and outlook, Shelley now believes her mission is to help women with western mentalities transform from the inside-out into models of Torah values for their families and for the Jewish people, at large, be'ezrat Hashem.

Shelley Malka: shelley@lechaimkids.com